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November 22nd 2001

  • Body Mass Index freeware
    This is a richly designed Body Mass Calculator. Input your specifications (age, height etc), and the applet provides feedback on your Body Mass and general health.
  • StringWalk freeware
    StringWalk is a very small and efficient scroller. Supports links, and pauses when you move the mouse over it.

November 7th 2001

October 24th 2001

  • Visual Chat freeware
    Visual Chat is a 100% free avatar based java chat applet, featuring 3d perspective, upload of user images, different emotions with connectable keywords, public and private rooms and an intuitive graphical user interface.

October 10th 2001

  • AlexWarp freeware
    AlexWarp is an image warping applet. Drag inside an image to twist and "muck" it up. Great fun!

October 3rd 2001

  • Pie Chart freeware
    Use this applet to instantly create and display a pie chart out of raw data!
  • Fade freeware
    This applet allows any text to fade from a specified background color to a specified text color as well as being a link to any specified URL.
  • My very first JSP application
    This tutorial gently introduces the complete JSP beginner to the technology. Uses simple examples to get the point across.

September 24th 2001

  • Typing Test n/a
    Test your typing speed online with this fun Java applet!

September 16th 2001

  • Applixa scroller freeware
    Applixa Scroller is an easy to use Java based text scroller. It can be used for scrolling news feeds, stock quotes, product offers or special announcements.
  • Access Menu freeware
    Access Menu is a fold out menu that can contain lots of information in a small space.
  • JavaLayer freeware
    JavaLayer is a Java MP3 decoder and player. Open source.

September 6th 2001

  • BoulderDash freeware
    Boulderdash is a fun game where you solve levels by grabbing diamonds and avoiding falling rocks. Watch out for the scary creatures as well! This Java version allows you to create your own levels and images.
  • NetMenu free for non commercial use
    NetMenu is a sleek, fold-out menu for your site. You can apply an image to the menu, integrating it nicely with the rest of your site.

August 29th 2001

  • Car Puzzle Freeware
    Exercise your brain with this fun car puzzle applet! Move the blocks around to get your car to the exit.

August 23rd 2001

August 13th 2001

  • FreedomAudio freeware
    FreedomAudio is a browser-centric streaming audio applet. FreedomAudio can function plugin-free, or with its own MP3 plugin. It is now available as open-source.
  • G-pack game applets free for non-commercial use
    G-pack includes a series of web-based Java games that can be used for your web site. These programs are completely customizable. For example, you can turn your family photos into online puzzles or classical breakout arcade games. This package also includes two bonus chess games (iic and vcc)
  • Automated reasoning applet freeware
    Using this applet you can prove or disprove theorems or various logical systems. Also, access any logical expression(s). This allows you to solve any logical problem that you might have. The applet's code can be very useful in any application that has to work with artificial intelligence or logical problems and must make decisions based on given information.

August 7th 2001

  • The Clock Applet freeware
    Want an analog clock to display the time on your site? Use this attractive applet.

August 2nd 2001

  • GeoSiteSearch freeware
    This free, impressive applet searches your own site for results. Uses Google, so its lightening fast and accurate.
  • RaiderSoft Chat freeware
    Highly customizable, free Java chat service courtesy of RaiderSoft. Complete with optional profanity filtering, graphic emotions, audio, IRC, and more.
  • WebBanner freeware
    WebBanner is your free ad campaign applet. Use it to rotate through gif and jpg images of all your favorite ads.

July 19th 2001

  • B-pack image effects free for non commercial use
    B-pack is a series of Java applets that render real-time visual effects on an image, including rain, fire, emboss etc. Free for non commercial use (with copyright notice displayed).
  • Tetrix freeware
    This is the Java reincarnation of the popular Tetris game. Entertain your visitors by adding one to your site!
  • Virtual Cube freeware
    Tackle the infamous Rubik's Cube on your computer.

July 10th, 2001

  • NIC Menu applet freeware
    NIC Menu applet makes it easy to navigate your site. Customizable fonts and colors. Submenus appear in separate windows.

July 2nd, 2001

  • Bookmark Menu freeware
    A unique menu applet that reads a bookmark file, and displays the corresponding menu. Supports sub levels.
  • Color Picker freeware
    Easily look up the hexadecimal value for a color by using this applet. Very useful!
  • ScrollM freeware
    A simple horizontal text scroller that first scrolls the text left-right, then the opposite direction upon completion.
  • Using XML and JSP together
    XML and JSP are two of the hottest buzzwords these days. This article shows how you can use these two technologies together to make a dynamic JavaScript. You also get a look at code examples for DOM, XPath, XSL, and other Java-XML techniques.

June 12th, 2001

  • JavaCounter (clock) freeware
    This versatile applet can act both as a counter and a clock in an attractive format.
  • LinkLister  freeware
    A drop down menu that also displays a description of the selected link alongside it. Very useful!

May 30th, 2001

  • Go 360 free for non commercial use
    Go360 is an impressive panorama viewer applet. Drag and view an image in 360 degrees!
  • Snow Drift freeware
    Similar to the above two, snow drift is an efficient snowing applet with optional text you can add overlapping the effect.
  • WaterLogic image slideshow free for non commerical use
    An slideshow that applies an amazing "fade" effect to the image during each slide. The download page is located here.

May 7th, 2001

  • Ticker freeware
    Vertical menu scroller with optional URL link, pauses on mouseover and between messages.
  • Souvenir freeware
    Souvenir reads a list of images from a text file and displays the images by fading them in and out.
  • Acoola freeware/commercial
    Acoola is a Java applet that displays your animated images/banners with nice looking transition effects. Comes in freeware and commercial versions.

April 26th, 2001

  • ArtGallery freeware
    ArtGallery is an useful tool for displaying images on demand. Select from a drop down box, and the chosen image with description appears!
  • Announcer free with limitation
    Announcer scrolls messages upwards, pausing between each message!

April 6th, 2001

New JSP section added

March 25th, 2001

  • 3D Balls menu freeware
    Looking for a unique way to present your menu links? Check out this awesome 3D balls menu applet!
  • Analog clock freeware
    Display a petite analog clock on your site. Use the code generator to easily preview and retrieve the source code to paste onto your site.
  • GlowText freeware
    Bring attention to specific text by making it continuously grow and shrink, with this applet!

February 26th, 2001

  • Ping Pong freeware
    A fast loading Ping Pong game. Play against the AI for some mindless fun!
  • Wizax button freeware
    This clickable button shows a neat "square" or "eclipse" effect when the mouse hovers over it. Fancy alternative to text links.
  • Intel Photo Album freeware
    Without a doubt one of the most visually appealing, smooth slideshow applet we've seen! Brought to you by Intel.

February 12th, 2001

  • Java for students
    Series of easy to follow Java tutorials for people with no programming experience. Great site to begin your Java endeavors.

February 5th, 2001

  • Space Invader n/a
    The space invaders arrive. Using your laser, you must destroy them before they launch.
  • JPad freeware
    A simple and easy to use cross-platform ASCII text editor completely written using Java(TM)2. Its look resembles the MS Notepad(R). Useful editor for those who are new to other operating systems editors (like vi or emacs in Linux) or migrating from Windows to other operating systems. Or just for fun...
  • Java Zone
    Informative site on Java with tips, tutorials, and articles on the technology.

January 16th, 2001

  • jzChat freeware
    This Java servlet renders a 100% HTML/JavaScript chatroom. Guest users just have to enter a nickname for chatting. They can choose chat's look and feel. Private messages supported.
  • CCalendar free for non-commercial use
    CCalendar is an impressive calendar applet. Configure the global appearence and the photo you want to show. Applet allows you to link event to the days.

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