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June 7th 2004

  • Writing a space invadars game in Java (step by step)
    A step by step guide to developing arcade games with Java 2D. In 29 steps you'll move from a simple window on the screen to a Java 2D game with sound, music, scrolling background, sprites, etc. Beginner level and fully commented and explained source code.
  • ChatBuilder IRC1 freeware
    ChatBuilder IRC1 is a client chat applet that connects to an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server via a web browser. IRC is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting system. Limited freeware version available.

January 7th 2004

  • HyperMap freeware
    HyperMap turns any image into a comprehensive image map, with each link area becoming a dynamic, drop down menu. Very unique.

December 15th 2003

  • Winter Snow free for non commercial use
    This applet generates random snow over any background image, various parameters to customize sound. Random speeds for more realistic effects. Free for non commerical use.

November 13th 2003

  • In2reach Site Search freeware
    This is a Java Search Applet built with Borland J.Builder, that reads an index file on a server and performs a keyword search on the URL's listed in this index file.

October 13th 2003

  • Anti Spam Applet freeware
    Source code and explanation on how to display your email address using a Java applet, so spam harvesters cannot retrieve your email address via your web page.
  • ZeroHour freeware
    A highly customizable countdown/up timer for Java capable browsers. Features different background/text color options, different display options, ability to display message of your choice once the target date is reached, and ability to start a positive count (count up) once the target date is reached.
  • Alien Wars freeware
    Alien War is an arcade style shoot-em up game. A freeware java game which you may play at the site or freely add to your own web pages. Full instructions for adding to your own web pages are included.

September 17th 2003

  • JUpload free for non commercial use
    JUpload supports uploading of multiple files to the webserver using standard HTTP protocol. Features proxy support, https, file upload resuming, image preview and more. Free for non-commercial use.

August 28th 2003

  • Tetris (Ari) freeware
    A simple, Java rendition of the famous Tetris game. Fun!

July 22nd 2003

  • Image Disk freeware
    This simple animation applet allows you to smoothly cycle through a set of images with a 'disk growing' effect: the new image grows outward from a center point in an expanding disk.
  • Image Fan freeware
    This simple animation applet allows you to smoothly cycle through a set of images with a 'fan wipe' effect: the wipes appear as if they were blades on a fan rotating.
  • Manual Slideshow freeware
    This manual slideshow applet comes with buttons to allow the viewer to cycle through the pictures. Also supports a short description (title) plus optional hyperlink for each image. Very nice. 

June 17th 2003

  • Keiji's Java Applets
    An impressive collection of original Java applets, free for non commercial usage.

May 16th 2003

  • Up Scroll freeware
    This versatile up down scroller pauses between each message, and fades out the previous message out of view.
  • IRC People Chat Room freeware
    A free hosted Java chat room service for your site. Create your own private channel where visitors can interact in.

April 8th 2003

  • Frozen Bubble freeware
    This is the Java version of the classic and immensely addictive Puzzle Bubble game.

March 19th 2003

  • Free Java Tree Applet freeware
    Feature packed and highly customizable Tree Menu. Quickly add great menu navigation aids to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and more.
  • PollHandler freeware
    PollHandler is a Java Servlet that lets you simply add web polls to your website with little or no knowledge of programming. This poll and it's source code is available for free under the terms of the GPL.

March 2nd 2003

  • JCalendarCombo freeware
    The JCalendarCombo control is a simple yet powerful GUI Calendar widget for your applications. Add date functionality to your java applications easily with this Swing GUI library. 
  • NET Clock freeware
    NET Clock is an implementation of New Earth Time concept. New Earth Time divides a day into 360 degrees and a degree into 60 minutes. It has an outer ring that contains a view to the user's current local time plus an analogue and digital representation of the NET time.

Feburary 11th 2003

  • Light Rays v1.0 (Personal Edition) free for non commercial use
    This is the world's first volumetric light rays effect for images complete with GUI control and automatic HTML code generation. It is finally made freely available to end users
  • DieselPoint search software freeware/ commercial versions
    Dieselpoint Search is an advanced search software for documents and databases. Written entirely in Java, it provides high scalability and numerous high-end features, including linguistic processing, multi-language support, and a high-performance crawler. Free version of software available for small sites.

January 28th 2003

  • Pie Chart II freeware
    This extremely practical applet reads in a formatted data file and displays the results in a nice pie chart; useful for survey results and such.
    A free java-based arcade site with over 100 games to play. No registration required.

January 12th 2003

  • B*Gallery freeware
    B*Gallery is a complete JSP/XML photo gallery applet designed for web sites that support JSP. The software works with all JPEG files, and comes with a rich interface.
  • Maze Applet freeware
    This game applet randomly constructs a 'perfect' maze, where 'perfect' means that not only is the maze solvable, and well-connected such that any point within it is reachable from any other point, the maze also contains no loops.

December 10th 2002

  • JAlbum freeware
    JAlbum is a free, advanced web photo album generator with index pages and slideshows. Very cool!

November 13th 2002

  • Handwriting text freeware
    This unique applet animates text into view by writing it out on letter at a time. Cool!
  • FTP server applet freeware
    This is a fully featured FTP server written in Java. The design is really modular and the server is fully customizable. Using it you can share files over the Internet.

October 1st 2002

  • Chatforyou Chat freeware
    Freeware chat software. It consists of the client-side applet, which is embedded in the web page, and the server-side on the web server. The server-side is Perl script, or Java application. The quick loading, size of chat applet - 14 Kb.
  • Countdown Applet freeware
    Free countdown applet with many customizable parameters. Sensitive to the second.

September 12th 2002

  • Pulse Text v1.0 freeware
    PulseText is a tiny, free and stylish text effect applet. Lines of text appear character-by-character accompanied by a pulse, then fades out. A number of different variations on this effect can be achieved by tweaking it's parameters. 

September 4th 2002

  • Memory game freeware
    This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 level (0=slowest 9=fastest).

August 14th 2002

  • 3-D paddle bat N/A
    This is a crossover between ping pong and tennis, played in a 3D environment!
  • aDraw freeware
    aDraw is a complete paint program ( freehand, fill, ...). It is possible to save painted images in GIF and PNG format.
  • Download4j free for non commercial use
    Download4J  is 100% JAVA component (Servlet + JavaBean) that allows to download files. This component could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application.

July 23rd 2002

  • Check Mate v1 Freeware
    A Java chess game for 2 human players which can be played on the same computer or over a network.
  • Iamsurfing Chat Room freeware
    Free chat software for webmasters. Comes with a rich, attractive interface and lots of features.
  • My Free Arcade
    Collection of free online Java games for your entertainment.

July 6th 2002

  • Java Digest
    Java news, article digest, and product reports.
  • Ace Internet News ticker free service
    Free UK biased ticker featuring news headlines, weather reports, lottery results and more.
  • NewsMaker free for non commercial use
    NewsMaker is a smooth-scrolling news ticker-scroller that reads its items and links from a text file. Supports background images and sound. Free for non-commercial use.
  • Xyrian freeware
    Xyrian™ is a unique tool that provides Java™ developers with instant architecture and functionality to simplify the creation and management of J2EE™ applications. It is available to download for free.

June 10th 2002

  • Cool Banner freeware
    This applet takes any number of banners (468x60) and rotates them in order using different cool transitional effects to hide one and display the next. Highly configurable.
  • JPhotoBrush freeware
    This is an image enhancement and editing application written in Java 1.3. Similar to Adobe PhotoShop in function (though obviously not as powerful!).
  • Pool n/a
    An awesome Java pool game featuring realistic graphics and sound. Very fun.

May 16th 2002

  • Chinese Chess Freeware
    Play Chinese Chess with the computer with this impressive Java applet! Source code available.

April 15th 2002

  • MyinfoChat freeware
    Free hosted Java chat with skins and smileys support. Also, Asian font (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and firewall options.
  • Jaek Graph freeware
    A Java graphing applet with many configurable options.
  • Fabian's Java games freeware
    A collection of original, downloadable Java games. Highlights include "Street Hockey" and "Babylon."

March 31st 2002

  • SiteBrowser (tree menu) freeware
    SiteBrowser is a highly robust menu tree applet to provide navigation on your site. Among the features are: two main layouts, either vertical tree or horizontal menu. Free for any kind of use, either commercial or non-commercial.
  • JGraph freeware
    Highly robust, open source diagram editor and graph component. Fully documented and free.

March 10th 2002

  • Star Wars text applet freeware
    In a galaxy far away, here we have a applet that display your message in Starwars Fashion.

Feburary 25th 2002

  • JCalendar freeware
    Calendar is an attractive date picker bean. Highly configurable and free.
  • Sideways news scroller freeware
    Getting its data from an external .txt file, this scroller applet scrolls from right to left. Very lightweight. Note: Direct download link here.
  • JSP custom libraries
    JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology is an excellent architecture for delivering Web applications, but one of its most important facilities, custom tag libraries, is often poorly leveraged. This tutorial offers tips and solutions.

Feburary 10th 2002

  • Java Dev Talk
    Java Dev Talk is a Java specific forum. Ask questions, give answers and discuss anything and everything Java!
  • Chrono Lisa clock freeware
    This clock applet features a futuristic time display of 3 interlocking ovals and is fully customizable. Just cut and paste!
  • UploadBean free for non-commerical use
    UploadBean is 100% JAVA component (JavaBean) that allows to upload files. This bean could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application. You can store uploaded files in a Folder, a ZIP archive, a Database or in Memory. Restrictions such as file size limit, blacklist and max. uploaded files are available.

January 29th 2002

January 12th 2002

  • Search This freeware
    Add search to your site with this applet. When the user types in a phrase and clicks the search button, the applet will search a db.txt file for the words and attempt to make associations.
  • Kiss Me freeware
    Now you can let your visitors kiss a picture of yourself or someone else, with this kissing applet!
  • Java calculator free for non commercial use
    Simple Java Calculator. Easy installation, sticky and float mode, compatible with all web browsers.

December 26th 2001

  • Image viewer applet free for non commerical use
    Image Viewer Applet allows you to easily display a lot of images on one Web page. View all images in thumbnail, zoom in, zoom out of images, and more.
  • J-Track satellite tracking n/a
    J-track allows you to track the orbit of some of the most well known space landmarks, from Mir, Hubble, shuttles (if in orbit), to tomorrow's weather. Quite interesting.

December 1st 2001

  • Thumbnail slideshow freeware
    Display images in thumbnails for easy selection with this applet. Clicking on the desired thumbnail enlarges it.

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