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  • Jars
    A popular Java site with choke full of Java info, everything from news, Java applications, to listing of Java applets on the web.
  • ColdJava
    Java servlets site offering free Java servlets and information.
  • Java4Fun
    If you like Java-based games, this site has a choke full of 'em.
  • Java Dev Talk
    Java Dev Talk is a Java specific forum. Ask questions, give answers and discuss anything and everything Java!
  • Java Digest
    Java news, article digest, and product reports.
  • Java arcade games online
    This site is a java gaming site that has a lot of excellent content and features easy navigation and a classic arcade type of feel.
  • Java Report
    Comprehensive Java site featuring chat, job resources, events related to Java, and more.
  • Java Toys
    A nicely designed Javazine dedicated to providing the best Java links to developers.
  • Java World
    The primer on-line magazine on Java. Features news, newsgroups, tutorials, tips, forums, and more.
  • Java Coffee Break
    The Java Coffee Break offers free Java training resources, including articles and tutorials.  Includes FAQ archive and free monthly newsletter.
    A free java-based arcade site with over 100 games to play. No registration required.
  • Java Zone
    Informative site on Java with tips, tutorials, and articles on the technology.
  • Keiji's Java Applets New!
    An impressive collection of original Java applets, free for non commercial usage.
  • JSP Resource Index
    JSP (Java Server Pages) is a new Java technology that's taking the web by storm. Get all the tutorials, references, examples, and resources regarding JSP here.
  • My Free Arcade
    Collection of free online Java games for your entertainment.

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