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Welcome to Freewarejava.com, an excellent starting point to everything Java™ technology on the net! At a glance: What's New page.
small4.gif (1046 bytes)Java™ Applets (814)
Java applets of various types to add Java power to your site. If you're a Java developer, learn from their source codes.
small4.gif (1046 bytes)Tutorials (27)
Tutorials and online courses on Java learning.
small4.gif (1046 bytes)Java™ Sites and Zines (28)
(Commercial) sites devoted exclusively to Java. Great way to keep up with the latest happenings in the Java Community.
small4.gif (1046 bytes)Java™ Books (12)
Java books, complete online versions of Java books.
small4.gif (1046 bytes) JSP and Servlets (11)
Tutorials and code on JSP and servlets
small4.gif (1046 bytes)JavaScript (5)
This section contains info and resources on JavaScript, a programming language completely different from Java.

Freewarejava.com receives rave reviews from the editors at Techsightings!
"...Too many websites on any subject, including Java, come and go too rapidly for any living human to keep up with them. But Freewarejava.com is a rich resource, one every Java developer (or wannabe) should bookmark, just as it claims. Freewarejava.com will become a truly definitive Java info site before long. Its framework and layout are simple but effective, very Yahoo-like, and seem to have been designed for plenty of content growth."

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This script adds the ability for your users to toggle your webpage's font size, with persistent cookies then used to remember the setting.

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