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  • 3-D Blox N/A
    A 3-D maze game (that's all I can tell you!)
  • 3-D Maze freeware
    An incredible maze game. Very complex and challenging.
  • 3-D paddle bat N/A
    This is a crossover between ping pong and tennis, played in a 3D environment!
  • Al Pengo n/a
    AI Pengo is a high-bandwidth, Java 1.1 clone of the 1982 arcade game Pengo, with the same basic gameplay: You're a penguin in a maze made out of ice blocks. You're hunted by monsters that you can kill by pushing the ice blocks onto them. The game features advanced enemy AI, and includes music by the band Alphaville.
  • Alien Wars freeware New!
    Alien War is an arcade style shoot-em up game. A freeware java game which you may play at the site or freely add to your own web pages. Full instructions for adding to your own web pages are included.
  • Asteroid freeware
    A "fractal-graphic" shoot-em up game.
  • Bap! freeware
    A very similar game to the infamous Breakout! game below, only that Bap features multiple levels!
  • BoulderDash freeware
    Boulderdash is a fun game where you solve levels by grabbing diamonds and avoiding falling rocks. Watch out for the scary creatures as well! This Java version allows you to create your own levels and images.
  • Breakout! freeware
    This is one of those Java games that I truly enjoyed playing. Use your mouse to control a "spring board" and prevent the falling ball from hitting the ground while knocking off the above bricks with the ball. Just go play it!
  • Car Puzzle Freeware
    Exercise your brain with this fun car puzzle applet! Move the blocks around to get your car to the exit.
  • Check Mate v1 Freeware
    A Java chess game for 2 human players which can be played on the same computer or over a network.
  • Chinese Chess Freeware
    Play Chinese Chess with the computer with this impressive Java applet! Source code available.
  • Fabian's Java games freeware
    A collection of original, downloadable Java games. Highlights include "Street Hockey" and "Babylon."
  • Frogger N/A
    The classic Frogger game in Java, where you have to help navigate a frog across the street to safety. Many levels.
  • Frozen Bubble freeware
    This is the Java version of the classic and immensely addictive Puzzle Bubble game.
  • G-pack game applets free for non-commercial use
    G-pack includes a series of web-based Java games that can be used for your web site. These programs are completely customizable. For example, you can turn your family photos into online puzzles or classical breakout arcade games. This package also includes two bonus chess games (iic and vcc)
  • Java Trap! N/A
    Use your brain power to trap the MooGoos so they cannot move. What are MooGoos? No idea, but apparently, they are quite fun!
  • Jvmine freeware
    The Java version of the minesweeper game most window users are familiar with.
  • Maze Applet freeware
    This game applet randomly constructs a 'perfect' maze, where 'perfect' means that not only is the maze solvable, and well-connected such that any point within it is reachable from any other point, the maze also contains no loops.
  • Memory game freeware
    This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 level (0=slowest 9=fastest).
  • Moon Patrol n/a
    Like the classic Moon Patrol where you drive your buggy on the moon avoiding craters and rocks while shooting aliens.
  • Pac Man n/a
    Different Pac Man game, same old fun!
  • Ping Pong freeware
    A fast loading Ping Pong game. Play against the AI for some mindless fun!
  • PocoMan freeware
    PocoMan is a very challenging mind game. The objective is to skillfully arrange a group of rocks so they fit into a specific corner...hard to explain, even harder to master!
  • Pool n/a
    An awesome Java pool game featuring realistic graphics and sound. Very fun.
  • Snake free for non commercial use
    A fun single player Java game. Try and navigate a "snake" around a confined area as it gets bigger and bigger...hit the walls, and game over baby.
  • Solitaire Server freeware
    14 different Solitaire games for you to play. Free download of all games.
  • Space Invader n/a
    The space invaders arrive. Using your laser, you must destroy them before they launch.
  • Tetris (Ari) freeware
    A simple, Java rendition of the famous Tetris game. Fun!
  • Tetrix freeware
    This is the Java reincarnation of the popular Tetris game. Entertain your visitors by adding one to your site!
  • Tower of Hanoi freeware
    This is a game for the intellectual- Try to move objects from the left pole to the right with a minimal number of moves. Just check it out!
  • Typing Test n/a
    Test your typing speed online with this fun Java applet!
  • Virtual Cube freeware
    Tackle the infamous Rubik's Cube on your computer.

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