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  • 3-D Blox N/A
    A 3-D maze game (that's all I can tell you!)
  • 3-D Maze freeware
    An incredible maze game. Very complex and challenging.
  • Al Pengo n/a
    AI Pengo is a high-bandwidth, Java 1.1 clone of the 1982 arcade game Pengo, with the same basic gameplay: You're a penguin in a maze made out of ice blocks. You're hunted by monsters that you can kill by pushing the ice blocks onto them. The game features advanced enemy AI, and includes music by the band Alphaville.
  • Asphyx Assualt Fighter n/a
    An absolutely amazing Java fighter game featuring over a dozen different enemies, multiple levels, and various powerups along the way. This game could easily pass for one of those "real" games sold in stores a few years ago.
  • Asteroid freeware
    A "fractal-graphic" shoot-em up game.
  • Bap! freeware
    A very similar game to the infamous Breakout! game below, only that Bap features multiple levels!
  • Battle Tetris freeware
    An amazing two player tetris game with sound effects. Just like the real thing!
  • Block Invazion N/A
    Use your mouse to shoot down falling blocks before they crash down. Very challenging.
  • Breakout! freeware
    This is one of those Java games that I truly enjoyed playing. Use your mouse to control a "spring board" and prevent the falling ball from hitting the ground while knocking off the above bricks with the ball. Just go play it!
  • Bugs n/a New!
    Stranded at the edge of a mushroom patch, Alexa is faced with survival against attacking bugs. Help her eliminate the incoming centipedes while avoiding spiders, bees, and trail leaving snails!
  • Chinese Checkers N/A
    Can't find the pieces to your chinese checkers game? Use this computer version instead!
  • Coffee Quest Memory Challenge N/A
    A very playable memory game where you flip over cards and try to match pairs. Player is timed and scored, so you know just how good your memory is!
  • Concentration free for non-commercial use
    This is the classic memory game, now in Java flavor!
  • Four in a row N/A
    A challenging board game that requires patience and intelligence. Adjustable level of difficulty.
  • Java Trap! N/A
    Use your brain power to trap the MooGoos so they cannot move. What are MooGoos? No idea, but apparently, they are quite fun!
  • Jvmine freeware
    The Java version of the minesweeper game most window users are familiar with.
  • Missile Commando II freeware
    Use your mouse and defend your base against incoming missles! Many levels to keep you occupied.
  • Moon Patrol n/a
    Like the classic Moon Patrol where you drive your buggy on the moon avoiding craters and rocks while shooting aliens.
  • Pac Man freeware
    The game we've grown up to love is now written in Java as well! Complete with sound effects and smooth graphics, you won't even know the difference!
  • Pac Man II n/a
    Different Pac Man game, same old fun!
  • PocoMan freeware
    PocoMan is a very challenging mind game. The objective is to skillfully arrange a group of rocks so they fit into a specific corner...hard to explain, even harder to master!
  • PUG! n/a New!
    An extremely fun, lighthearted cartoon style Java game. A must see.
  • RollerBoy n/a
    This is a super-mario like Java game. You control a little boy as he battles his way through many levels of fun!
  • Star Base freeware
    A space shot-em up game. You fly around in a space ship, shooting down enemies while recharging your energy and shields. Quite entertaining, actually.
  • Tower of Hanoi freeware
    This is a game for the intellectual- Try to move objects from the left pole to the right with a minimal number of moves. Just check it out!

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